Feather Pen Theatre

The first musical I remember watching was "The Sound of Music". The music. The story. The score. The singing and dancing. It was all so magical. I've always felt that life would be so much more interesting if we sang and danced our way through it.

I remember always thinking I'd want to take on writing a musical and when I put the breaks on my touring career and started raising my family that I was able to focus more attention on writing my first one. The process was so challenging and took years but the feeling I got as I watched people come together to bring it to life on stage was intensely magical to me. Now I can't stop writing.

My vision for Feather Pen Theatre is to create and produce original, wholesome, enriching and fun musicals that can be enjoyed by all ages. My hope is that these pieces will be a source of inspiration and magic for the performer and the audience.