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65 Years

A few year back I had two sets of Grandparents who were both celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary, so in celebration of their commitments to each other I wrote this song for them.  "Old sky, new sky" is in reference to the many years of ups and downs within a marriage or committed relationship.  That was for Marie and Kay who showed me what it means to constantly be there for each other.  And the "wild flower" references are all for Hazel and Lawrence who were always finding joy in God's beautiful earth.  Thank you to both sets of grands for your loving example.  May the next 65 be wonderful!


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Evie lives in Arizona and I'm in Alberta so we thought it would be fun to do a "quarantine live cut" of 65 Years.

This is me and Evie Clair singing 65 Years back in 2016. We met that day. She learned the song and we hit record. Evie is such a beautiful artist. Keep an eye on her!

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